The Design, Quote and Install Process

The following information has been set out in order to explain the steps involved with the Kitchen design, manufacture and installation process.

STEP 1 – Initial consultation

One of our designer will either meet with you in our Office or on site to discuss your initial ideas, and help to establish a balance between your wants, needs and what works best with the space you have available. At this stage it is important to no only think about who and how you like to interact in your kitchen but also to think about what appliances you may require and where they are to be located in the room.

Appliances play a pivotal role in how our designers will layout your kitchen concept in accordance with the design process. (Example: The difference between having a wall oven or an under bench oven make a difference to the layout that can be achieved and how the layouts fits in with the harmony of the space).

At this stage it is also a good time to show our designer any magazine pictures, brochures, samples etc. of themes or styles that you prefer so that you can be guided towards products that suit your taste and style.

The other important aspect of a new kitchen or any project is to look at forecasting a reasonable budget based on your understanding at this stage.

In order for our designer to give you the best value for money, it is important to specify a budget amount. As we are in the competitive business of offering the best custom product for a fixed contract price, we will strive to design a kitchen packed with as many features and quality products as we possibly can to suit your specified budget, which in turn our competitors also have to match.

Keep in mind that if you are renovating that there are additional costs that need to be considered.

e.g. 1- Relocating services, Plumbing, electrical and gas outlets. To save costs try to leave existing appliances in their current locations if possible.
2- Floor coverings. Are the existing floor coverings remaining or will new flooring be required.
3- Tiling (Walls, Floors)
4- Plastering, patching of walls, cornice and ceiling in some cases.
5- Possible building works. (Moving internal walls, windows or doors etc.)

All of the above items need to be coordinated in a certain sequence for your project to run smoothly. If required our designer can organise this project management process for you.

Throughout the meeting the designer will talk through the layout ideas together with you and use sketches as a communication tool to piece together some layouts which will be considered a Preliminary design.

STEP 2 – Estimate

Although it is important to establish a functioning design first and foremost it would be unrealistic to pretend that the cost of the design does not influence the final outcome.

All sketches, notes of communication and ideas from the initial consultation will be sufficient to establish an Estimate figure which will give you a very good indication of the direction that the project is going and if it is within your pre-specified budget. This is a free service.

Having an estimate already will not only give you a basic idea of the value of your project but also gives you a reference for any alterations that you may make from this point on and how those changes influence the final price.

This estimate will be produced in hard-copy which will be sent to you via email, post, and fax or by simply picking it up from our showroom.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the team members at DK Cabinets if you would like to discuss your estimate and the detail within.

STEP 3 – Fee Structure

If you are happy with the Estimate amount and the details in which it specifies there is a fee which indicates that you would like to proceed to the next stage. These fees are required before any further design work will commence and are non-refundable.

If your project proceeds to production this fee is deducted from your final account.

“Design is a free service for all proceeding clients of DK Cabinets Kitchens ”

  • A preliminary design consisting of computer generated drawings with an interactive colour 3D layout . Not to be distributed. $200.00 Inc GST

Any additional drawings required, Entertainment units and Outdoor Kitchens are P.O.A.

STEP 4 – Design Review

Depending on the schedule accepted from the list above design drawings will be done to suit.

Once the Design has been completed  . you will be shown the design that has resulted from the previous stages of the design process. The designer will explain all aspects of the layout and go into detail about each element of the design. Using the  support materials as tools the designer will be able to explain everything from accessory options, material finishes, manufacturing details and construction methods referring back the estimate done previously as a value guideline.

Once you are happy with the design we will then go ahead and generate costing options based on this design. It is at this stage that we will require all of your appliance details. This is crucial as the appliances you chose will have an affect on your final design. The make and model of each appliance will allow the designer to follow up on the specific requirements for that appliance. Please note that manufacture of your cabinets can not proceed until all of this information is received.

STEP 5 – Quotation

Now that the design has been viewed and has got more detailed it is possible to do a proper fixed priced quotation. This quotation will be sent to you in hard copy via your preferred delivery method.

After a few days of receiving your quotation, we will call you to follow up on the Quote and see if you would like to go ahead with the job.

STEP 6 – Finalising your Project

Once both the design and quotation is accepted,   It is now time to finalise your finishes. With the final selections made, it is now time to finalize the contract price, payment terms, inclusions and exclusions and the scope of work to be carried out by DK Cabinets and associated trades. Also at this time we will aim to provide an anticipated installation date and project completion date.

STEP 6 – Variations

Variations are any changes that may be made after signing the contract. These changes may incur additional cost increases or deductions to the original contract. If a variation is required we will provide you with written variation form noting the changes made and costs involved. Please note that variations will not proceed without your approval in writing.

STEP 7 – Check measure

Soon after The contract is signed we will contact you to organize a time for our Detailer to inspect your site to confirm final details and measurements. At this stage our detailer will also establish a project timeline which will specify the order in which all relevant trades and processes will commence.

STEP 8 – Delivery

Approximately 1 week prior to installation our production manager will contact you to confirm the delivery date of your new kitchen. At this point in time you will also be advised of any payment that will be required before delivery.

If you are removing your old kitchen yourself, or organizing your own trades then please allow plenty of time prior to delivery as you may encounter hidden “nasties” that need to be altered or disconnected. E.g. gas lines or plumbing inside of cabinets, holes in walls to be patched etc.

This is also a good time to be prepared to make alternative arrangement for meals, washing up etc. as your kitchen area will not be fully serviceable or accessible until the project is complete.

STEP 9 – Installation

Once your new cabinets are delivered, the old kitchen removed and plumbing and electrical re positioned to suit the new design, our installer will arrive to begin fitting your cabinets. This is generally a two day process, depending upon the size and complexity of the kitchen. Once the cabinets have been installed, it is then time for the services to be re connected and time for tiling and floor coverings to go in.
It is important to note that if you are having Stone or Corian benchtops, that an additional 10-12 working days will be required after the cabinets are installed for the stone mason to take his templates from the new cabinets, manufacture the tops and then install them. An additional 5- 7 days may be required after this if you are also having glass or stainless steel splash backs.

As a general rule on-site installation time frames for the following kitchen types apply:

– Laminate benchtops, and tiled Splashbacks 3 DAYS
– Stone benchtops, Tiled Splashbacks 15 DAYS
– Stone benchtops, Glass Splashbacks 21 DAYS

NOTE: the above mentioned is a guide only.

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